Star Parties at Dyrham Park (National Trust)

Next Observing Session...

The next event will be between January 8th and 18th.  Note that this event is run by the National Trust.  To register your interest please contact Pippa Churcher  -  0117 9371353 ext 106.


Monitoring weather forecasts.


Telescope at a BAS star party

The Bristol Astronomical Society provides equipment and expertise for Star Parties run by The National Trust, Dyrham Park. These take place (weather permitting) one night each month from October to April.

The event takes place in the Car Park and where visitors have access to nearby toilets.

For a map see the NT web site.

Normally the Society will support the event with an introductory talk that describes the Night Sky while members of the Society set up a variety of telescope "stations". Visitors may then wander between these "stations" to view targets of interest.

This is a National Trust event and anyone interested in attending will need to contact:

Beth Weston, 0117 9371353