June 2012: Festival of Nature

Posted by Chris Lee (chrislee) on Jan 27 2013
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Members of BAS supported Bristol’s Festival of Nature at the Harbourside on the 17th June. This was our annual opportunity to showcase our Sun using specially adapted solar telescopes as well as thought provoking games that illustrate our Sun’s place in the Universe.

Our “telescope park” comprised a Meade ETX and PST (Richard Mansfield), a second PST (John Willis), an 8” SCT (Chris Lee), a solar compass (Nigel Tasker) plus our “solar system games” managed by Bill Knocker and (later) Alison Camacho. Operator support comprised Toby Lumber and Peter Lythgoe, ably supported by Judith Pavy and (later) Michael Dawson. Alan Osborn meanwhile provided a series of solar images taken through filters to illustrate what you could learn at each wavelength.
The BAS team were fortunate that a large sunspot cluster was very prominent this weekend and the weather was kind enough to offer a good solar view for most of the morning and early afternoon until thin haze gradually thickened to the point that all detail was lost (around 4.00 pm).
The team can report excellent interest in our wider astronomical activities with several members of the public admitting they had scopes they never use but developing a new resolve to try them out or else visiting our various events and meetings.
The recent Venus Transit also drew discussions from visitors


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