June 2013: Bristol Festival of Nature

Posted by Chris Lee (chrislee) on Oct 16 2013
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BAS members once again supported the annual Festival of Nature event at the Bristol Harbourside but weather-wise it was a mixed bag over the two days.

The BAS Team getting wet!The Saturday morning was not a good start for the early set-up team as the wind was very gusty and the gazebo took a bit of a battering as the team struggled to anchor down the legs. Being up against the dock edge meant BAS had visions of seeing their kit blowing off into the harbour! Finally they admitted defeat and put the gazebo back to bed, if a little bruised.  

Next the scopes came out but grim skies looked certain to empty and with no way to host a table-top displaying the Society and its events, this meant any “outreach” would be limited. The team therefore found a spot in the Green Forum tent (along with numerous other small Societies).  This proved to be a busy location with much passing interest in our activities.

Back at the Telescope Park the team were busy getting wet! However the rain dances allowed the Sun to emerge around 1.30 pm and within minutes the team were flat out with queues stretching at times up to 10 deep for the three main scopes on show (8” SCT, 3” refractor and PST). The Sun itself had a couple of useful looking sunspots and a variety of prominences. Solar viewing remained busy until 18.00

Sunday was a later start due to the Bristol Bike Ride and it was clear the Scope Park would not be used due to the gloomy, wet, weather. Accordingly a cut-down team looked after the Green Forum Stand. The wet weather brought people into the tent and the traffic past our stand was quite busy. The Society had a lot of interest in open observing sessions at Failand and Tyntesfield as well as a local radio station that sought a monthly “Night Sky” discussion.

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable weekend event.

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