Astronomy Cast - Up to date news from the world of astronomy. The best of it's type.

The Jodcast - Latest news via Jodrell Bank

Astronomy FM - Up to date news streamed daily

Bristol Community Radio, Shepherd's Way - podcasts including astronomy updates from the society

Astronomy Picture of the Day- Gallery of daily astronomical pictures

Astronomy Sketch of the Day - Gallery of daily sketches.

Belt of Venus - Gallary of sketches from expert Jeremy Perez

Hubble pictures- Archive of Hubble images

ESO pictures - Archive of ESO images

SOHO - images of the Sun on a daily basis

Reference – positions of objects, star maps etc                                         

Heavens Above - Gives timings of International Space Station and other satellite passes over your chosen location, plus much more   

Stellarium- Excellent free software for showing a realistic view of the sky from your location

Solar System Live - Useful live plots of the positions of solar system objects

Telescope Calculator - Useful calculator for calculating a few of the more important aspects of your telescope, camera and CCD imager

Skyguide- Useful summary of what to see from local Bristol astronomer Steve Parkinson

A Family Guide to Star Gazing

Cartes du Ciel - Free software to draw sky charts

Virtual Moon Atlas - Free Software for Moon observation and survey


Shopping - Local

SCS Astro- based in Wellington

MC2 - based in Frome

Shopping - Regional

Stockport Binoculars and Telescope Centre

Weather and aurorae

UK Met Office  - Forecasts and updated weather satellite photos

UK Auroral Activity - Constantly updated graph of auroral activity

Spaceweather  - Updates on solar and auroral activity plus photos of atmospheric and other phenomena

Stargazers Lounge - UK web forum for amateur astronomers

Cloudy Nights - International forum - one of the best














Local Societies

Cardiff Astronomical Society

Swansea Astronomical Society

William Herschel Society - Bath

Wiltshire Astronomical Society

Cotswold Astronomical Society

Bridgwater Astronomical Society

National Societies

Society for Popular Astronomy - The society  is a national astronomical society based in the UK  for beginners in amateur astronomy.

British Astronomical Association - Formed in 1890, the BAA has an international reputation for the quality of its observational and scientific work.

Federation of Astronomical Societies - Use this site to find details of over 175 local astronomical societies throughout the UK. 

Royal Astronomical Society - The society for UK professional astronomers, but with many amateur members.